G I N G E R   T A Y L O R

Naarm (Melbourne) based Artist Ginger started out her creative career at toddler age drawing all over paper table cloths at restaurants.

Her Dad Deane, who has worked in the animation/film industry his whole working life - would carry felt tip pens in his pocket everywhere they went and encouraged her to keep on drawing.

These days you can find her painting murals around the world, customising bowling pins, motorbike helmets, tanks.
As well as Digital design including graphic design, typography, logos, custom illustrations etc.

Ginger has worked with companies/people including; Lily Allen, Google, YouTube, Westfield, Harley Davidson, Deus, Sailor Jerry, Young Henrys, VB, P&CO, VANS, Pedestrian TV, Merivale, Impala Skates and more.